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Airport Grill
Mediterranean and Italian Restaurant

Airport Grille, a Mediteranian Restaurant

The Airport Grill is a Mediterranean and Italian restaurant, currently owned by five New Bedford businessmen: William Whelan Sr., William Whelan Jr., Tony Cruz, Paul Cruz and Oliveiro Ferreira. The owners of this local New Bedford restaurant worked with Telheiro Richardson Co. to redesign and expand the restaurant, increasing available seating by expanding into the airport’s lobby.

“The owners wanted a destination brand that would appeal to both travelers and local customers. We used the unique setting on the runway and the history of New Bedford Airport to create a retro-aviation feeling,” said restaurant director George Telheiro of TRC…

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a Mediterranean and Italian Restaurant in New Bedford.

Fresca Grill
American and Portuguse Restaurant in New Bedford

Fresca Grill, a Portuguese Restaurant

Chef Victor runs the kitchen in New Bedford’s Fresca Grill. He was born in Murtosa in mainland Portugal but began his passion for cooking after moving to Massachusetts at New Bedford Regional High School where he met his wife Deanna, who also shares the love of food. Fresca in a few different languages is translated into the word fresh. Victor believes in using only the freshest ingredients; they are the core of his creations.

Chef Victor is noted for always bringing more than just amazing food to the plate. His presentations are marvelous and Deanna makes sure the guests feel like they’re home…

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an American and Portuguese Restaurant in New Bedford

Trio Cafe
American Restaurant in New Bedford

Trio Cafe, an American Restaurant

A trio is defined as a group of three people. This particular Trio represents three lifelong friends with a dream. Their dream is to own and operate a trendy restaurant in the Greater New Bedford Area. Trio’s vision was to create a place where people could enjoy a fantastic meal in an atmosphere reminiscent of contemporary European establishments, found in big cities across the globe.

Trio Café occupies the former Opus restaurant. The dining room sports a dramatic paint scheme, with bands of red, blue-gray, green and burgundy on the walls. Fabric screens divide the L-shaped room and obscure the view of Route 6, and splashy abstract paintings by Rene Gagnon divert the eye. The table is dressed bistro style, with white butcher paper over a white cloth, and a flickering oil lamp…

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an American Restaurant in New Bedford

Candleworks Restaurant
Itallian Restaurant in New Bedford

Candleworks Restaurant, an Italian Restaurant

Candleworks Restaurant is a classy Italian restaurant located in the beautiful, historic downtown of New Bedford in Massachusetts on North Water Street. They Offer a great selection of food and wines, and martinis that are famous in the area.

This upscale Italian restaurant has a cozy dining area with unique brick walls, plush seating, and piano for live entertainment.

Candleworks is a 5 star restaurant and was voted Most Elegant Restaurant by The Standard-Times SouthCoast Favorites. When visiting Candleworks you can expect to find live entertainment and plenty of free parking right outside the restaurant…

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an Italian Restaurant in New Bedford

Wine & Tapas Bar in New Bedford

Cork, a Wine and Tapas Bar

Cork is an upscale Wine and Tapas Bar within a 170 year old whaling era building in New Bedford. As its name suggests, wine has pride of place at this restaurant inside a rough-hewn 1830s stone building in the historic harbor front. The well-rounded list features 15 sampler lights, and more than 30 by-the-glass options at reasonable prices to make it easy to try something new. Sampling is also the theme of the well-crafted menu on which tapas-style dishes are complemented by a few entrée specials.

Building up their sales mostly by word of mouth, Cardoza said New Bedford’s Cork has also been helped by receiving numerous awards from the likes of Yankee Magazine, Rhode Island Monthly Magazine, Cape Cod Life Magazine and The Standard-Times…

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a Wine and Tapas Bar in New Bedford

Waterfront Grille
Seafood Restaurant in New Bedford

Waterfront Grille, a Seafood Restaurant

Waterfront Grille in New Bedford offers a casual atmosphere and New England contemporary cuisine.  It is a local favorite for dining, as well as a must-see for tourists.  There is a great harbor view from every seat in the house, and a firsthand look at the fishing industry at work.

Recently, Waterfront Grille has been highlighted on programs such as Chronicle, TV Diner, and Swords: Life on the Line.

In addition to holding private events, such as wedding rehearsal dinners, baby showers, and birthday parties, Waterfront Grille holds in-house events as well…

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a Seafood Restaurant in New Bedford

Davy’s Locker
Seafood Restaurant in New Bedford

Davy’s Locker, a Seafood Restaurant

In the summer of 1966, David “Doggy” Dolinsky opened an eight table seafood shack called “Davy’s Locker”.  More than 40 years later that shack is a 320-seat, award winning restaurant located on the water with a spectacular view of Buzzards Bay.

Today’s Davy’s Locker is a seafood restaurant in New Bedford, run by third generation owner Jeffrey L. Dolinsky and his wife Sonia who purchased it from Doggy’s son, Marvin in 2002.  Marvin Dolinsky owned Davy’s Locker from 1974 to 2002 and was the driving force behind its growth…

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a Seafood Restaurant in New Bedford

Freestone’s City Grill
American Restaurant in New Bedford

Freestone’s City Grill, an American Restaurant

Freestone’s City Grill was founded in 1979, in New Bedford Massachusetts. This restaurant is proud of their menu, which offers American, Portuguese and Seafood dishes as well as their award winning fish chowder.

The building that now houses Freestone’s Restaurant and Bar, was originally built as the Citizen’s National Bank, in 1877. The Citizen’s National Bank furnished their building with a beautiful marble floor, and an elegant president’s office, where there still stands a fireplace and mantle that encompasses a whole wall. Across the room from the mantle, is a mural that was added in either 1892 or 1942…

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an American Restaurant in New Bedford

Cafe Balena
Itallian Restaurant in New Bedford

Cafe Balena, an Italian Restaurant

Café Balena in New Bedford offers a fabulous twist of California-Italian Dishes that are truly exquisite. Their menu changes weekly and their ingredients are always the freshest and having. Since the New Bedford waterfront which hosts one of the largest fishing ports in the US is right in their backyard, it is easy to keep local.  This Italian restaurant offer something for everyone and it should hope to be a refreshing and tantalizing experience.

Café Balena takes pride in having the most talented wait staff around and when dining on delicious food you will be in awe of their singing waiters and waitresses. Each one has a hidden talent and when you hear the gong you may be delighted by Opera, jazz, folk and even instrumentals…

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an Italian Restaurant in New Bedford

Cotali Mar
Portuguese Restaurant in New Bedford

Cork, a Wine and Tapas Bar

Cotali Mar offers a sophisticated contemporary menu with international influence. This restaurant specializes in authentic Portuguese Cuisine and Ocean Fresh Seafood. This New Bedford restaurant features a Tuscan dining setting with cozy fireplace seating and an outdoor terrace.

The restaurant is located at the former site of a furniture store that was owned by Jose V. and Dolores deMello, the parents of Gayle deMello Madeira. The building was destroyed by fire in the 1980’s and was later purchased in 2001 by Gayle and Carlos…

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a Portuguese Restaurant in New Bedford

Cafe Funchal
Portuguese Restaurant in New Bedford

Cafe Funchal, a Portuguese Restaurant

Starting with a modest catering business in the early 1990s, the DaSilva family has turned their passion for food into one of the finest Portuguese restaurants in the region.

When Café Funchal opened its doors in 1999, the reception was overwhelming and less than 10 years later they have announced the opening of their new location in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The largest Portuguese restaurant in the state, Café Funchal boasts over 30,000 square feet and a capacity of 900 people. With an outdoor patio, Raw Bar, a 50 foot bar, an impressive martini list and a wine room holding over 3800 bottles, Café Funchal in New Bedford is a dining experience you don’t want to miss…

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a Portuguese Restaurant in New Bedford